Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Your business and workplace culture - free of ‘toxic leadership’.

To create a workplace free of fear and intimidation by creating leaders who understand that success is only achieved through appreciation for employees, resulting in increased production, improved service, satisfied clients and increased profits.

The 'WHY'

Taking care of your my business.

The 'WHY'







People follow...
  • A leader who strives to build a culture of employee & client engagement.
  • A leader who strives to build a culture based on trust & transparency.
  • A leader who strives to build a culture of developing, acknowledging, empowering, rewarding & understanding his/her employees.
  • A leader who strives to build a culture of knowing that there is a correlation between employee satisfaction, improved production & ultimately...YOUR client's success.
....And acting on that knowledge!

Happy employeesIncreased production/Improved service Happy Clients Increased Profits Repeat

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Taking care of your my business.


What is Leadership and a Healthy Workplace Culture Today?

No matter what product or service that your company sells, one of the key variables that will separate your company from competitors is leadership and culture.

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Podcast: 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom with Olga Kirshenbaum

Check out the latest podcast by the very talented and generous, Olga Kirshenbaum, titled - 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom. Where she graciously hosted yours truly, Ryan Waters as her guest. Olga and I talk about everything from: My business - Seen It All Consulting To My background and what I love about business, To Offering advice for others running a business, To How critical it is to create a culture of positivity and leading from the inside out. Oh....and we may talk a bit about music as well!

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Taking care of your my business.


Taking care of your my business.

After discussing where I was, where I am currently and where I want to be, and taking a look at what is slowing me down towards making progress forward, Ryan was spot on with his recommendations on how to clarify and direct my next steps. Ryan made these next steps simple and easy, along with giving me real expectations for the time to see increase. This helps me to gain traction and move into the next phase of writing and building a professional following. Time is so valuable and you increased its value for me tremendously. Ryan you are a highly valuable resource. It takes a team to create a truly outstanding product. Thank you for being a part of that team for me."

Elliot W.Client

I recently connect with Ryan after reading one of Ryan’s Blogs on Linkedin. Since then, we have had a couple of conversations. One of these conversations was strategizing about a new business venture that I am considering after finding myself seeking a new opportunity. Ryan and I discussed sales, operations, market conditions, e-commerce and strategic social marketing for this proposed opportunity . It really was a pleasure in chatting with Ryan and I really appreciated the positive feedback on where I should be focusing on for the future growth of this opportunity. If you have not had the time to interact with Ryan, you should. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge, ease of delivery and care about how he can assist you or your organizations sustainability and growth."

Allan W.Recent Client

While scrolling through LinkedIn, I found a post regarding a similar workplace scenario that spoke to me, motivating me to reach out to Ryan to solicit some context and insight. He quickly engaged me in conversation, which led to what I will call a eye opening realization that I could use some professional guidance. Ryan is the consummate business professional knowing how to put you at ease the moment you start the conversation. His easy going personality allowed me to open up and let him really see me on both a professional and personal level, which I believe helped in his guidance and planning. He has a true passion and knowledge for ways to bring out the best in you, encouraging and challenging me to step out of your comfort zone which has given me a new self awareness of my abilities and opportunities for growth. I always say you don't know what you don't know until you share ideas and knowledge and this was truly the relationship I built with Ryan. His expertise and advise were spot-on and I valued the time he spent to assist me towards my future goals. There is no question that his mentoring has made me a better leader, which is why I highly recommend Ryan and #seenitallconsulting for any individual or corporate needs."

Stacey D.Previous Client

I would absolutely recommend Ryan. In a post last year he offered to help anyone that would need tips and career advice. I sent a message as at the time my husband was struggling with toxic leadership and his health was greatly impacted. We were fighting to get him a new job for almost 6 months, then we followed what Ryan advised us to do after he reviewed both our Linkedin profile. My husband landed after one month a C level position. This saved my husband's life and contributed to his success right now."

Felana R.Previous Client

Ryan is my job search mentor and he keeps me grounded during the rejection process. He is my sounding board when I need advice and feedback during the hiring and interviewing process. He is more than a mentor, but a friend. I can't say enough amazing things about him. Professionally he is a superstar!"

Julie W.Previous Client

I had the pleasure of connecting with Ryan not long ago. I admired his responses to posts in my feed and decided to reach out for a little guidance. With his listening ear and professional knowledge of the subject at hand, Ryan guided me with the confidence I already had, into a better working mindset. I am truly grateful for Ryan's expertise and his willingness to help a new friend. Thank you again!"

Christina N.Previous Client

Ryan Waters was more than my boss, he was my mentor. He motivates his employees to do a great job and to do better for themselves. He has great integrity and maintains professionalism at all times. He fostered a team work mentality amongst all of his employees. It was an honor to work for him."

Renee F.Former Direct Report

One of the things I love most about Ryan is that he leadership, and the ability he has to bring out the best in those around him. He provides excellent direction, support, and mentoring skills which leaves his teams feeling both confident and empowered, which frees them to deliver amazing results. These are skills that Ryan employees effortlessly that make his team ready and willing to engage with him, and those in other teams want to work for him. I wish more people had the leadership skills like Ryan and I would jump at the chance to work with Ryan in the future."

Gordon T.CEO, Leadership Principles, LLC & International Keynote Speaker

I have been fortunate to get to know Ryan this past year. Perhaps it is his upbringing in WI or his professional development as a Senior Executive which makes him unique in that he is genuine and principled. Ryan is an attentive and vested listener – one feels that he is a trusted friend – even after just knowing him a short while. Knowing Ryan; I understand that his ethical standards will not be compromised, that he is a consummate professional, beloved by his family and supremely valued by his friends, eloquent in voice and manner."

Michael E.CEO, Sustainable Development Solutions

Ryan has a great handle on the toughest issues facing leadership today. Ryan understands how people and processes intersect to build successful organizations. He has built a foundation of knowledge that shows true in the message that he consistently tells. I appreciate the fact that Ryan is not afraid to tell you how it is. Ryan is a great addition to any team."

Adam S.Leadership Consultant

I would absolutely recommend Ryan!! Ryan is extremely passionate about helping people. His leadership skills are a true asset. Stick with him and you will surely go places."

Dana M.Founder, Identity Protection Planning

Ryan is a fantastic professional and a kind person always willing to help. When speaking with Ryan about projects, he speaks clearly and eloquently about his conclusions and responds to questions in a thoughtful way. Outside of work Ryan is a dedicated loving father. He is an insightful and deeply self-aware individual driven to go the extra mile. Throughout the time collaborating with Ryan he demonstrated openness and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others, along with his powers of observation, all qualities that makes him a great professional and human being. I am certain that Ryan is going to continue to do great and creative things in his future. I highly recommend him for any sales and leadership work."

Marcel B.Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Mentor, Operations Executive

Had the pleasure of connecting with Ryan by way of a common group. His spirit is warm, inviting and one of service. I recommend getting to know him and learn from his experiences. I look forward to rubbing shoulders again soon!"

Forrest B.Online Marketing Executive

Ryan has been an outstanding asset for me in food safety over the years. Ryan's expertise in ATP, allergens, and sanitation, has helped me through many difficult challenges that have arisen. His professionalism, patience, and ability to relate at a personal level, gains much respect. Thank you Ryan!!"

Tammy D.Previous Client

Ryan is a true partner and is always reasonable and easy to work with. He is always willing to share his knowledge and help us improve our process. Ryan has an excellent work ethic and is a pleasure to work with."

Octavio L.Previous Client

I met Ryan here on Linkedin and I've followed his progression and growth. Ryan has a broad background and brings the necessary skills to the table. He's a character first guy and shows it in all that he does. I've had the good fortune of watching him work through and deal with things here on Linkedin. I believe he knows what it takes to engage and develop a culture that will help any business thrive."

Monte M.Senior Marketing Strategy Leader

I know Ryan to be a sincere and knowledgeable person. His company's name is Seen it All Consulting for a reason. I recommend you reach out to him and find out for yourself. I believe you'll be happy you did!"

Bob S.Company Founder

I had the recent pleasure to speak with Ryan regarding servant and effective leadership and what I truly see my companies vision now, tomorrow, and well into the future. Ryan does his homework with his clients and that is obvious because he came to our meeting with so much information regarding what I do and what might be possible for my company and its future. Ryan is a true mentor and can easily help any entrepreneur, executive, lead with emotional intelligence, empathy while caring."

David A.Company CEO

Got the opportunity to get to know Ryan recently and really unpack our styles and philosophies about Coaching and professional Mentoring. I walked away thinking, I would hire him to coach me any day. He has this great positive directness that cuts to chase, in a positive way. And he calls things out as they are. I am excited to call him a friend and a part of my peer group."

Robert B.Company Owner - Corporate Trainer

I cannot endorse Ryan enough for the value he'll bring to any organization lucky enough to have him on board. As a National Recruiter, my time is highly valuable and I'm very picky with how I spend. My time getting to know Ryan, has been well spend and equally valuable, as above and beyond the talent on his a resume and his professional experience, which is Top Shelf; he has an infectious personality, is a motivational friend, an eternal optimist, and a moral/ethical human being. I look forward to following Ryan's future successes!"

Joe D.Executive Recruiter


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