Executive Leadership Advising

Executive Leadership Advising

“As research by the Harvard Business Review shows 40-60% of management hires fail within 18 months”

Quoted Companies Alliance. (2017, May 24). With up to 60% of management appointments failing within 18 months,
               the Quoted Companies Alliance launches an initiative to help Boards anticipate, manage and mitigate these
               risks [Press release]. Retrieved from:  QCA-and-Norman-Broadbent-Media-Release

In text: (Quoted Companies Alliance, 2017)

Effective leadership begins at the top.

Look no further than the C-suite if your business is in disarray or ineffective in reaching its goals.

Leading with your employees as the number 1 priority will lead to the ultimate success of both the business, and your clients.

I can teach you and your management how to 'connect the dots' between effective positive management and communication styles, recognizing and leading through emotional intelligence and the productivity of their teams.

Your clients will notice a difference in how their daily interactions with your employees will be significantly improved.

Going the extra mile?  Only if your employees have a reason to do so!

  • Employee Engagement
  • Improving Company Culture
  • People-First Management
  • Attracting Talent
  • Retaining Talent

These are all related and are directly connected to your business.

If you do not pay special attention to each and every one of them, you are ignoring the most important aspects of your business.

At Seen It All, I can help you achieve your goals through effective LEADERSHIP!
Because I've Seen It All!

Ryan Waters of Seen It All is here to help!
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